Haggis Wildlife
Foundation aims to encourage everyone to actively contribute to the shared mission of rejuvenating and valuing our natural environment.



In the heart of Selkirk, where history, tradition, and nature intertwine, stands the Haggis Wildlife Foundation. A beacon for conservation and Scottish culture, we draw inspiration from the iconic haggis, which goes beyond a beloved dish in this storied town—it's a reflection of our essence. Our foundation is as much a part of Selkirk as the amber hues of autumn and the ever-present scent of haggis in the air. We see the haggis not just as a culinary marvel, but as a symbol of our connection to the land and traditions that define us. This bond with the haggis is our guiding star, leading us in our endeavours to protect, preserve, and promote the rich biodiversity of the Scottish Borders. While the enigmatic haggis remains central to our efforts, we are equally devoted to safeguarding the broader tapestry of Selkirk's ecosystem, from the majestic eagles soaring above to the playful otters in our streams. Beyond the shadows of Selkirk’s rolling hills and murmuring streams lies a world teeming with life.

Our goal is to ensure the stories of each creature, plant, and landmark are celebrated and carried forward. We believe in harmony, fostering an environment where humans and wildlife don't just coexist but thrive together. Our commitment extends beyond conservation. We serve as custodians of Selkirk’s rich heritage, ensuring that traditions like the haggis hunt continue to resonate with future generations. We believe in engagement, and through our projects and initiatives, we strive to ignite passion for both our cultural and natural legacies.

Thank you for Joining us in our journey as we champion the beauty of Selkirk, its traditions, and the wonders of its natural world.