Professor McDougal MacDougal 

Chief Haggis Conservationist

Oversees the overall conservation strategy, conducts research on haggis behavior, and leads conservation initiatives.


Dr Morag Glenfinder

Haggis Population Biologist

Conducts population studies, monitors haggis demographics, and provides insights for effective population management.


Dr Ewan McHabitat

Habitat Preservation Specialist

Manages and restores haggis habitats, ensuring a sustainable and thriving environment for wild haggis populations.


Dr Robbie Thistlefield

Community Engagement Coordinator

Builds partnerships with local communities, raises awareness about haggis conservation, and fosters positive relationships between humans and haggis.

Dr Ian Mistwatcher

Education Program Coordinator

Develops and implements educational programs for schools and visitors, promoting awareness and understanding of haggis conservation.


Iain Thistletender

Volunteer Coordinator

Organizes and manages volunteer programs, ensuring a dedicated team actively contributes to haggis welfare and conservation initiatives.